I normally take two guitars out on the road with me depending on what the gig calls for. My main guitar is an Ibanez S Custom Series equipped with Barden pickups. The other is the same model in a different color and equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups. Another guitar that's used quite a bit is an Ovation Viper nylon string acoustic/electric. Other guitars that I own and use from time to time (I'm not a collector. They have to be functional and put to work!) are: Ibanez AS-200 (now called The John Scofield Model), Ibanez SA Ibanez Prestige Series w/piezo pickup, and a Takamine EAN40C acoustic steel string.

Once I find something that works, I'll stick with it for awhile. However, like most guitarists, I'm always chasing that elusive "Tone." Here's what I'm using now: Keeley Compressor, T.C. Electronic ND -1 Delay, T.C. Electronic NR-1 Reverb, Line 6 MM4, Xotic AC and RC Booster pedals, Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive, XTS Atomic Overdrive, XTS Precision Overdrive, XTS Pegasus Boost, Boss DD20 Giga Delay, Crybaby Wha pedal, Boss FV-50 volume pedal, Boss OC-2 octave pedal,

My first amps of choice out on the road are two Fender Hot Rod Devilles w/4x10s or 2x12s in each cabinet. I like the tightness and clarity of the 10" speakers and the amps have plenty of headroom before they start breaking up. These are great amps that work well with my selection of pedals.