Thu. August 4th, 2011Marsalis Jarmon

Hey Dwight, how's it going? I saw you guys at the The Clifford Brown Jazz Fest a couple summers ago. The show was great. I believe you were with Richard Elliot and Rick Braun. I am a musician myself , I play bass. I love jazz very much. Looking forward to meeting you in Rehobeth this upcoming Fall. Take care.

P.S. You're a great Guitarist. Take care.

Thu. July 7th, 2011Maurice Grady Bass player for A-Game

Carolina is my home also Fayetteville. Great Music! We need to get you to Fayetteville/Fort Bragg They would love YOU. 910-797-7141 Gmatrixx Ent. Maurice

Sun. July 3rd, 2011cliff duncan

Still sounding as wonderful as you did the first day I met you at Carter Freeman's house in houston. I'm Music ministering at Solid Rock Church in Houston now and teaching and preaching the word of God. Chech me out at let's topuch bases and talk

Sun. June 19th, 2011Simmi jaggi and Gina knochel from Houston

Yo. It's the cody's girls. When are you coming to Houston

Mon. June 13th, 2011Pat D'Amico

Hey Dwight,

Just popped by to say hey. Hope all's well. Hi to your lovely wife too.


Thu. June 9th, 2011jimmy richardson

I've been a fan of your music for a long time. Iguess i forgot, but it was nice to know that you grew up in north carolina. I live approx 100 mile east of raleigh...
When will you be back in the carolinas? never heard you live!!!

Sat. June 4th, 2011Don Koeble

Would sure love to see you come out with another new C.D. in the near future.
Any plans??
"Easy" is still one of my all time favorites, and it's been too long since your last solo effort. Please tell me you have something in the works. Your solo stuff is awesome.
Thank you very much.

Wed. May 18th, 2011Dan

Enjoying your coffee this am? Just dropped by your site to see what's new, and couldn't leave because of the music !
Have a great day, I'll catch you later..... Little D --

Mon. May 9th, 2011Michael Blackwell

Just caught your tunes while browsing the Ibanez web site.Awesome stuff,now I have to find your CD's out there and pick up a copy or two.By the way,the wife digs your music too.Play on!

Tue. May 3rd, 2011Old Neighbor

Hope all is well...guess I missed my chance at jamming with you.
Enjoy some fruits from Wolfgangs Vault

Wed. April 20th, 2011Prince

Hey man,

Love your music. Hope to catch up with you in the near future.


Sun. April 17th, 2011Raphael Ben Bauz

Dear Dwight,
thanks so much for your wonderful tuch your hearts with Nightfall....hopefully you come to the jazz festival montreux in switzerland (ask caude nobs or quincy jones for details) or we see us soon to anoter place in our nice europa country! thanks for all. let my know, if i can do something for you!
raphael ben from Switzerland

Fri. March 25th, 2011Linda Bailey

Very nice playing Dwight! Enjoying your music! I am surprised I haven't seen
you out here in LA somewhere. Hope to see you at a venue somewhere soon!
Smiles, Linda

Thu. March 24th, 2011Jeff Sopacua

Hello Mr Sills,

We met on FaceBook.I really enjoy your music,great vibe!Hopefully one time we can enjoy your music live here in the Netherlands.

Kind regards,

Jeff Sopacua

Tue. March 15th, 2011Dwight Sills - D.C.

Hey Dwight ! Cuz!! How are you? Looking forward to seeing you and the crew again at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD at the Capitol JazzFest. The Jacksonville, FL jazz festival doesn't have the lineup yet. Wondering if you will be there Memeorial Day weekend. Anyway, take care, the best to the band and see you soon.

Fri. March 4th, 2011CRAUG WUBB

GOOD MORNING probably don't remember me, but I was on the Smooth Jazz cruise that ended on January 23rd. I am the stocky older black guy with the shaved head and gray goatee who grew up in Houston (we talked about your home in Houston that you are maintaining even though you have been in LA for awhile. Anyway, as soon as I got back home, I went to your website, and then I purchased your EASY CD on iTunes. As soon as I started listening, I realized that I was familiar with some of your music, especially "Nightfall" that has played on the radio regularly over the years - and that I love!!! Wish I had done my homework better before the cruise!!! So, I just wanted to say 'hi", hope you are working a lot and considering putting out some more of your own music...and I look forward to seeing you at another music or otherwise. Whenever you are performing in the Philly-New York area, let me know if possible. Thanks...Craig Winn

Sat. February 12th, 2011Cindy Mullen

Wow, Dwight! what a long time! I knew you through Gloria & Will Glassburn. Remember Royal Orleans apts?? I saw Alan Kayes name on a friends page and took a look and found you! I remember my "under age" days at the Capri Lounge in Kokomo.. I will NEVER forget the song DARK STAR. You were always a gentleman.


Sun. January 23rd, 2011Andrew Dunn

enjoyed your playing alot this past a few good stage shots..will pass them on.. next time we should take a half hour and do a shoot..

Sat. December 25th, 2010Luther D

Hello, hope all is well. Happy holidays. Was just listening to your "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" on the Jazzy Wonderland compilation. I had to give you a shout out and mad props on Christmas day. A superb (as usual) numbeer by your band. Hope all is well for you and yours. Gerald Veasley is over for dinner and he says hello. Be blessed and keep burning it up. Hope to see you at some festivals this year.
Luther D Dowdell

Tue. December 21st, 2010Wayne

does someone in Houston work on your guitars? If so who is it. Thanks in advance for your response.Peace!

Fri. December 17th, 2010Wayne

Hello, Mr.Sills my name is Wayne Bonton I live in Port Arthur Tx.I have your first 2 cds( scratch that cassettes) Been down for a minute. I saw at a concert with Jonathan Butler years ago in Houston, thought u doing work for other artist and session work. I would like to know who works on your axes ? A fellow guitarist.

Sat. August 28th, 2010David & Pat Leighton

It was great seeing you last month! I found you on FB which led me to your website.....really nice I might add. You've got some great music on here! Hope to make it to one of your concerts whenever you are in this area again, Take care!

Tue. August 24th, 2010LOUIS CHAVEZ


Mon. August 16th, 2010Chris Knox Sr

M name is Chris Knox and I'm a guitarist in the San Antonio, TX area. I was reading about you on the smooth jazz cruise site. I was especially fascinated to learn you're in Houston. I've had a fabulous year working with several artists coming through SA. I'll be working with Richard Elliott and looking forward to it. I'd love to keep in touch and share experiences. I love your work and we'll definitely be in touch. Best wishes!

Fri. August 6th, 2010Keith "Cashmere" Williams

I love your phrasing - I heard about you through a friend. I ended up buying Second Wind and loved it! Keep pick'n

Cashmere Williams

Sun. July 18th, 2010Freddie J.Cooper

Hello Dwight:
How are you? I was just surffing the web and came up on your site. I'm a Jazz guitarist myself from Philly. I just want to say I really like your style of playing and your sound. I'm a stickler for a good guitar tone. Like you I bring out what the gig calls for. I'm playing a Gibson Super 400 for the straight ahead gigs, and a ES-335 for more soft rock fusion gigs, and a Tom Anderson Drop Top for the funky stuff. I like to talk to fellow guitarist about gear and some of the settings you use for live and studio situations.In closing .Just keep on spreading the musical love.
It's a hard business,but I would not change it for the world.
Take care and keep on picking and a grinning.


Very cool music !
Keep the good work!

Wed. July 14th, 2010Alberto R. Enriquez

Love your music, especially the ones I have which is your solo album i.e. Second Wind & Easy and of course everytime I listen to other jazz players CD your'e one of the guitar players I mean countless of them.
The other guitar players I listened to is Paul Jackson Jr., Ray "The Weeper" Fuller, Steve Laury, Doc Powell, Carl Burnette, Jeff Golub, Dean Brown, Richard Smith, Tom Fujita, Bruce Conte, Al Mackay. By the way how can I get your CD
titled Dwight Sills

Wed. June 23rd, 2010Steven Sills

My name is Steven Sills, I know Sills is not an uncommon name, however it's not the most common name (if that makes sense). I grew up in Kansas, and now live in St. Louis, MO. My grandfather's name was Willie Sills, originally from Oklahoma ,with family in Texas. I was wondering if we might be related. If not, that's OK, it's always nice to meet someone named Sills.

Tue. June 22nd, 2010Darrell Lavigne

Hi Dwight, I just wanted to thank you for your contribution and soulful playing on "Night Vibes" on Kyle Turner's "Wrapped Tight" CD. I've always dug your aproach and sound. I hope we can make it happen again.


Wed. June 9th, 2010matt nunn

Dwight, you are my friend and mine's favorite guitarist. We turn it up and turn out the lights. My friend will put you on to get some energy to get out the door late on a Friday night:). Why aren't you putting out more music. We caught you live once at Mt.Hood Jazz Festival and have Easy and Second Wind. Do you come to the NW. Matt and Fred in Portland Or.

Mon. June 7th, 2010Alan Hemberger

Great to meet you this morning.
Welcome to the neighborhood!
My "mancave" is now filled with very very smooooooth jazz..

Sat. May 29th, 2010Daniel Dorsey

I've been looking for the single "I'll Be Right Here" from Second Wind and I've been unsuccessful in finding it. Is the song/album out of print?

Sat. May 22nd, 2010Randy M

Hey Dwight I've been waiting for some new music from you. I love your style of play. Haven't seen you since the days of the San Diego jazz Festival when you played at the "Juke Joint". Looking forward to some new treats soon. God Bless!

Thu. May 13th, 2010Billy Shields

Dwight, Good to see your touring a lot. I am working on a smooth jazz CD with a guitarist from Canada. I would love to have you do a duo guitar song. Producer Preston Glass thinks I have a hit song for radio also. I wanted to see if you could give it to Richard Elliot to listen to. I could hear him on this song. I live in Englewood Florida now. If you ever get to west coast of florida I would love to take my wife to a concert your playing. My new phone number is 941-460-1739
Thanks Billy Shields

Sun. May 9th, 2010Daniel C. Clausel

Hey Dwight!!

It's been a long time since we saw each other @ Rockin Robin. I think it was 1990 when my ex was pregnant with my now 19 yr old daughter!! I told you about how I played your 1st cd (tape) all the time for her to relax the baby. You even signed the headstock of my custom Schecter that you said played great. Anyway, I've never forgot the great times watching you with Franchise all over H-town. And, the first time we met at The guitar show @ George R. Brown in 1986. I would love to hear from you sometime.

Tue. April 27th, 2010Clarence Elebee

Your music is clean, refreshing and alive. I am a gospel artist with a little flavor in what I do as well. Just thought I'd share my thought with you, to let you know I enjoy.


Thu. March 25th, 2010Randy Massey

Hey Dwight, I go way way back to your Houston Tx days with New Toys! With Bruce and Herman. I still hear from Herman every now and then via email. I was wondering if you had any more copies of the "New Toys" (cassette???) mine broke and "Business Lady' was one of my all time favorite songs. Maybe you recorded it on another cd or something, but i sure would like another copy of that song. Anyway I've always been happy to see you, Bruce, and Herman doing so weel in your careers, keep it up and if you ever run across a copy of "Business Lady" I sure would like it. Come to Houston (or at least Texas) and we'll be sure to catch your show.

Tue. February 16th, 2010eric s. wayman sr.

Dwight, i follow jazz all over, and i've heard and seen you on plenty occasions doing your thing..I told my wife(Helen) that you were my family from Henderson N.C...She didn't believe me, until i showed her a picture of my Uncle Robert, cousin Elmo, John Earl, Claude, Joyce..Now she is convinced..Love jazz, love your skills, and glad we are family..Keep bringing that good music and i will see you at the Berksjazzfest 2k10...Eric

Sun. February 7th, 2010Raphael Bauz

Hi Dwigth,
i`am from switzerland downtown luzern (nice place for a concert with you....and friends) and we hear in our pharmacie all days smoothjazz live from the montgery bay, and last week on friday, the had play your song "nigthfall" we all cout`nt concentrat and work after that......our music is so wonderfull and you tuch yours hearts............thanks for all and keep going! all the best raphael

Sun. January 10th, 2010chuck berry

Dwight, again , that tune on this site is so you man... it is beautiful !! thought i'd tell you again. you boy said thats you too. nobody does it better. love ya' man

your brother chuck

Thu. November 19th, 2009Jeff Carr

Dwight -- i certianly wouldn't expect you to remember, but we've talked on several of the Smooth Jazz Cruises. It's always great to hear you and even better to see you play. You bring a great sound to life and make it look so easy! It's also great to see guys like you who always look like they really love doing what they are doing. I live up in the Woodllands and it's always fun to catch up with a fellow Texan -- especially one from the Houston area. I was really pleased to see that you'll be on the 2010 cruise --my wife Marie and I are looking forward to the cruise, and to seeing and hearing you. I hope you'll let me buy you a drink at some point in the cruise. All the best,
By the way, great website!

Jeff Carr

Wed. November 18th, 2009Hal Sacks

It's still a great project. One I'm very proud of! 818-692-5951

Mon. November 16th, 2009Reggie Moses



Sun. October 25th, 2009Doug and Louanna King

What nice people we met in Hendersonville today. Our first experience with your beautiful music. We hope to see you all again, anytime in the area. We have a big home and you're welcome here. Lots to see and we will be glad to give you the nickle tour

Fri. October 16th, 2009Mark

Hello Dwight love the website cool banana some sweet tracks you've laid down. Cannot seem to get second wind mp3 any where. Heard it about 15 years ago still sounds as fresh now as back then.

stay cool


Sat. October 3rd, 2009Thomas GLenn III

From a borrowed guitar (I remember the Strat days) to your X-ACT/D.S. you’ve accomplished so much. You are no doubt one of the top guitarist of our era, if not the top. To know you is an honor, to listen you play is a blessing. Many thanks for your contributions to music. BTW, whatever happened to the mail truck?

Mon. August 17th, 2009Vernon Keith

Think your site looks great and I'll send U a link to my band's site when it's done.
The Album comes out Sept.20th and we got 4 tracks up for an early listen on facebook and if U wanna hear 'em.
I think U will dig song #3. Don't forget, that's Macky & Babalets!!!
Holla at me later and don't forget to shout any time U hit Japan!
Peace, --VK

Tue. August 4th, 2009Darnell & Cindy Smith

Greetings from Kokomo old friend saw Chuck B today , he told me bout your site . Man I see GOD is still blessing , congrats on all good cause we been through enough bad . Cindy & I still going STRONG a daughter Alisha 28 a son Darrin 24 USAF he is in Omaha if you are ever in that area would love for he & his wife Lety to meet you he has heard all the talk from me about the YOUNG DAYS LOL im still playing mainly at church & Cindy still sings LPs Giovanni and few other items are in the kit now my son plays perrcusion also cant figure how that got started :) well hope to here from & catch 1 of your midwest dates GODS blessings on you and yours Darnell

Mon. July 20th, 2009Doug Billings

Saw you in Sac. Saturday. Really admire your playing.
What are you using to get that rich chorus sound? You only used it once on the intro portion of a song. I talked to one of the "Roadies" but he wasn't much help.

As for me, I play but also have a day job. My number one guitar is a Carven. My "go to" amp is a JC-120. Thanks, Doug

Mon. July 13th, 2009Felipe

Subject: Ill be Right Here from your Second WInd CD, requesting an mp3 please.....

Hello is it possible as a free sample for you to send me this mp3 before I buy the rest of the CD, thank you,

Best regards,

Thu. June 25th, 2009Dwight

Dwight!! Can't get enough of seeing you perform man. Great show with Jazz Attack at the Jacksonville, FL show, and even better last night at Rams Head in Annapolis. Waiting for the new CD. Take care Cuz and keep up the good sounds.

Tue. June 23rd, 2009Glenn A. Lowe

OK I have been waiting on this site for some time now, it looks and sounds great. Of course you have been my favorite guitarist since I saw you and Larry Kimpel playing w/ Everett Harp on TV in a motel room while onthe road in Fl. w/ Chi-Lites. Keep doin' it you're an inspiration!

Fri. June 19th, 2009leana g-sills

Hey, where is the original TLC album on the discography? You have a second one in 2008, but not the original.

Great site, babe. I'm jealous.

Wed. June 3rd, 2009David Dyson

Hey man! Sorry I'm just getting around to seeing this.Wow! Nice site!! And the music sounds incredible!!! Is the cd ready? Let me know where I can purchase. I love to support great music and it's killin!!! Many Blessings, Dyson

Fri. May 29th, 2009Joe Campbell

Dwight, Great site. See you in Clearwater Fl June 27th. Peace!

Tue. May 26th, 2009Arnold Baldwin

What's up Dwight? I got your email and I understand brother you are constantly multi-tasking, I just wanted to say another great show on the 2009 cruise. Man, I was impressed with your playing as always. I told my brothers about me meeting and talking to you and let them know you are a homeboy from North Carolina. I was so shock to hear about Wayman, man he was a specail kind of people, very loved, he will be truly missed! Anyway, let me know when you come out to southern cali and I will try to make it to your show. Hey by the way I am still waiting on your next CD, man!


Sun. May 24th, 2009Stacy Turner

Cool stie! Hope you get out to LA again soon!

Sun. May 24th, 2009Pat D'Amico

Hey Dwight, Just testing the contact form. Should now be going to y our @MAC address. Have a great show today! Was listening to XM yesterday and heard Sweat by Richard E. Are you on that cut?


Sat. May 23rd, 2009Kevin Byous

Hey Dwight
The sight looks outta site and hearing those old tunes still gives me chills.
Good to hear from you



Sat. May 23rd, 2009John Edman

Nice site Dwight. I'm sure will cross paths soon.
All My Best

Fri. May 22nd, 2009robert hebert

Hey Dude ...

Great site.


Wed. May 20th, 2009Tom and Diane McLaren

Hello From the Past!
Been following your career and we are very happy for you ... would love to have you come somewhere close to Chattanooga, maybe Nashville or Atlanta.

Tom and Diane

Wed. May 20th, 2009Paul Croteau

Hey Dwight,

Man, you've got a GREAT looking web site. Facebook has been a great tool, I've caught back up with so many friends and musicians. You look and sound great, I hope that you are as happy as your music sounds. I've got a few videos of me playing the sax, if you are so inclined. I'm not playing regularly, but he wife and two kids love having me around. I'm almost done with my home studio setup and hope to record some stuff in the future. I need a "project" to appease by muse! :-)

Perhaps one day we can play together again, I truly enjoyed my time playing with you. Take care my friend,


Tue. May 19th, 2009Woody Witt

Hey Dwight -

Nice site! I hope to meet you in person sometime, maybe even do some playing? Take care.

Tue. May 19th, 2009mike

hey man, site looks great...I had no idea you were close to getting it together. Nice job!!!

Can't wait for the new stuff, bro.

Tue. May 19th, 2009Paul Shields

I like the partial guitar photo capture at the top of the site. I like your name logo. The photos are nice. And Silver Moon would be my choice to set the tone for the site experience. Nice.

Sun. May 17th, 2009Eric Pettine

Great job on the site Pat!

Great playing DS!


Sat. May 16th, 2009pat d,

Hey D, check out the site. It's pretty far along and is coming together nicely. Enjoying your tunes while I work too. p

Sat. May 2nd, 2009Pat D'Amico

Just dropped by your new site. Very cool.